Creating mobile apps for golf brands

We design, create, launch and maintain high quality, branded golf apps at a fraction of the cost of custom development with our proven white-label solution.


Create the look and feel your branded app deserves with our iOS design experts.


Tap into our battle-tested, proven golf apps to design your mobile presence.


Comprehensive marketing strategies that will create a buzz in the industry.

Brand Awareness

Harness the power of social and mobile media to keep golfers engaged with your brand.

Apps we've built

Tour Striker Golf

A simple, intuitive shot tracker that allows golfers to play golf, and not play their iPhone.

  • Social golf!!! Golfers can compete with their friends and on global Leaderboards

  • Created for golfers that really want to improve, and have fun doing it

  • Detailed round breakdown to focus on golfers' strengths and weaknesses

  • Stats and achievements that bring golfers back to the app to track their golfing career

Loudmouth Golf Tour

Our white-label solution for the golf industry.

  • Deep Facebook integration allowing golfers to compete with their friends, and with the Loudmouth Nation

  • Regular challenges through the app promoting brand awareness

  • iPhone-only exclusive deals for discounted Loudmouth merchandise

  • Stats and achievements that bring golfers back to the app to track their golfing career

WildHawk Golf Club

A WildHawk branded interactive yardage book based on the iYardage technology.

  • Traditional style yardage book, with the ability to track each shot of a golfer’s round

  • Facebook integration allowed golfers to post their accomplishments on the course

  • Promotional deals and specials ran exclusively through the app

  • Pro golf tips on each hole, plus golfers could leave their own tip

  • Cool feature – golfers prompted to call the clubhouse diner at the turn!


A traditional style yardage book for hole-by-hole distances, not that GPS crap.

  • In the AppStore on Day 1 – July 10th, 2008!!!

  • Over 500,000 downloads

  • Golfers could replay each hole, and each shot, on the 19th hole

What we do
Our team provides you with a broad and deep set of services that allow you to deepen engagement with existing and prospective customers.

your app

Rapid, scalable apps for your brand to maintain a presence on and off the golf course.


We take care of every detail, and maniacally track the health of your app post-launch to ensure user retention.


Create a buzz at launch, and garner maximum, relevant exposure of your app.


Leverage your social media presence to drive downloads.


Create app campaigns and challenges to drive consumer engagement and user retention.

Our Team
Weekend Warriors is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a dedicated group of accomplished iOS developers, designers and marketers.

Jensen Galan
Chief Code Conquistador

Jensen is a Co-Founder of Weekend Warriors. He is a coding machine. When he’s not spewing out beautiful Objective-C code for iOS apps or hacking up Rails code, guess what he likes to do? Go on…. take a guess. He likes to PLAY GOLF!!! Duh. He’s not really good at it, but he still has 2 hole-in-ones.

John Sweeney
Chief Design Officer

John is a Co-Founder of Weekend Warriors, with a background in video game and iOS Production, Design and Development. This rare bird can usually be found dreaming up products that make golfers giggle with joy and engineers cringe. Responsible for the product design, user experience and future product vision. But alas, has zero hole-in-ones… Yet!

Shaw Taylor
Head of Marketing, Sales, and Partnerships

Shaw comes to Weekend Warriors with years of consumer marketing expertise in the high-transaction, online ticketing market courtesy of Paciolan, later acquired by Ticketmaster. Shaw led marketing at Paciolan, where his team served as the “outsourced marketing arm” for major venues and sports teams across North America. He supplemented this retail ecommerce experience with an intense stint in the emerging virtual worlds space where he leveraged social and digital media to build engaging consumer experiences to drive the business. He’s also a strategy consultant with Beyond the Arc.

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